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WOOD DECK – Common Sense & precautions should be considered when placing an open-flame on a combustible surface. Please contact us for suggestions that have proved successful for previous clients and particular situations. The special treatments & composition of the metal in our Fire Orbs is designed to “patina” over time. These special properties will stabilize in a few weeks, and the finish will improve the more often it has an active fire. Care should be considered under the Fire Orb to control any staining that may occur. 

Local Codes should be investigated when considering a suitable placement location.


ASSEMBLY – Plan to locate the Fire Orb upon receiving the palletized shipment (which may require some extra hands) for final placement. Unpack the shipping protection and prepare to enjoy the first fire. Some special installations may consider the base mounting, and we can offer some comments (and Options) to make this process easier. 




STRENGTH & DURABILITY – We warrant our Fire Orbs to not rust-thru, or distort for 10 years. The surface will evolve its patina over time, but this transition is designed to protect the underlying metal. The significant mass affords extreme durability to year-round weather, and we suggest leaving it exposed (no covering) for normal wet/dry cycles that the steel is designed for. 


CLEANING – Removing the ashes/coals periodically is recommended to prevent an accumulation. The drain system is designed to make this process easy. The natural patina can be cleaned with water (gardenhose or rainfall), or a scotchbright pad to even out the appearance if desired 


COATINGS – Special coatings are available but are considered “non-standard”. These usually are designed for your specific project, and we are happy to discuss these Options with you during the Design/Consultation process. 


WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS -- The specifics for your project will be determined at the time of Order Placement. These specifications can be found in the DETAILS section of each item. The weights can range from 20-90 pounds for LightStalks, and 75-450 pounds for standard Fire Orbs.


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