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WOOD BURNING – Most of our Fire Orbs are wood burning, but we also have Gas fired units with both manual & remote control options. We suggest that you make your decision at the time of original Order so the modifications can be completed during the creation of your item. 


GAS BURNING – Some clients prefer (or require) Natural Gas or Propane fires. Please contact us to discuss the details for your particular project. 




LOADING WOOD – A2 Studios takes great care to create easy opportunities to load wood in your Fire Orb design. The amount of wood depends on many factors including : wood size, intended fire size, and Orb size (among others). Generally 8-20 pieces of firewood are used to enjoy your fire Orb. 


SIZES & BASES : currently we are producing Orbs in 4 sizes, and 2 standard Base heights : 


Small (30” diameter)             Medium (38” diameter)           Large (42” diameter)           Giant (13’8” diameter)


Short Base (                   )             Medium Base (               )



COMMON SENSE  - Yes we have it and we hope you do too because fire and hot steel are both dangerous! 


USA MADE – 100% of our Fire Orbs are made in the USA with 100% USA products. A2Studios is committed to supporting American Made ideals with its Partners, Vendors and Suppliers 


WARRANTY – We warrant our Fire Orbs and LightStalks to not rust-thru, or significantly distort for 10 years from the purchase date to the original purchaser. Any returns or claims must be shipped freights pre-paid in original packaging, with an AWC number on proper documentation with original sales receipt. Damage, abuse, or exposure to conditions never intended to be experienced - or not specifically described in the original design parameters - are not covered in this warranty. For further details and procedures please consult the specific documentation that is included with your project. While we do not get returns, please feel free to contact us any time you have questions. We truly believe that you and your family will enjoy your project for decades and generations well into the future.  

Use commonsense, fire and hot steel is dangerous

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